Pre/Post Purchase Inspection

If you are considering the purchase of a vehicle out of state or out of town or just want the confidence of buying with the confidence of a car inspected by a certified automotive appraiser Bullseye Automotive Appraisal, LLC can help.

We approach the vehicle as if we were purchasing it ourselves. Any noticeable flaw is documented and photographed and reported to the client.

Upon being hired we discuss what the client knows about the car so far as well as any specific areas they would like us to examine. We then contact the seller and arrange as prompt an inspection as possible and request any pertinent documents and receipts be present at the inspection site to examine. A Paint Gage is used to help determine the presence or extent of repairs, and thickness of paint and or fillers on the vehicle.  We inspect the car inside, outside and underneath. The car is inspected on a lift if possible, but if not, we take a jack and stands along just in case. Once the inspection is completed we take the vehicle for a test drive to verify the condition and proper function of the electrical and mechanical components.

Once the test drive is complete we call the client and report our findings thus far, and give them a chance to request a closer look at anything specific.

We then return to the office to process the pictures and compile the report.

A Prepurchase Inspection is to verify the car's actual condition relative to the advertised condition. A Prepurchase Appraisal additionally includes the vehicle's value at the time of the inspection.

Bullseye Automotive Appraisal, LLC inspects a wide spectrum of vehicles including imported and domestic, customs, classics, daily drivers, sports cars, trucks and motorcycles.

For more information about what is and is not included in an appraisal, click here.