Expert Witness

Bullseye Automotive Appraisal, LLC is available to testify to the value of an appraised vehicle in court. The Appraisal Document is a useful tool to aid in settling the dispute and arranging an agreeable settlement. Our credentials satisfy attorneys and courts in the state of North Carolina.

Bullseye Automotive Appraisal, LLC is also available to mediate or umpire cases where two parties disagree on the values determined on either side. This usually occurs when the vehicle owner hires an appraiser to help settle a claim, and the insurance company hires their own appraiser and the two do not agree on the value. In this situation an umpire/mediator is hired to review the appraisal documents, discuss the case with the two appraisers and determine a settlement to the dispute.

For more information about what is and is not included in an appraisal, click here.