Insurance Appraisals

It is very important and prudent to have your collector car vehicle appraised to document its condition and value to protect this valuable asset in the event of an accident, theft, fire or vandalism. It also is often required to obtain the proper insurance coverage to adequately protect the vehicle.

Each Bullseye Automotive, LLC Appraisal comes as a hard copy to the client with extensive photographs and vehicle documentation as well as a disc, which includes all of the report pdf's, all of the pictures taken in the inspection process, as well as any relevant information used in calculating the value of the vehicle. This is a valuable tool to have available to the owner in the case of an accident at the fault of another driver. The Bullseye Automotive Appraisal, LLC report will document the vehicles's value and may prevent it from being written off by the other insurance company as a salvage vehicle, and enable you to get a fair claim settlement in the event of a significant loss situation.

The Appraisal document is also an effective sales tool in the event you decide to sell your collectible or classic vehicle. It will document the vehicle's features, condition and value at that specific point in time.

For more information about what is and is not included in an appraisal, click here.